The Next Generation Medical Hotel



his project is designed to incorporate a brand new kind of hospitality experience and medical care. The new Meditel Coin ("TEL") will be used as an obligatory payment method for all Meditel transactions within the hotels worldwide. Meditel Coin will be used for not only service fees, but also for food purchases, shopping, in-room dining, surgery, and all other transactions across the chain globally.

The business model employed by Meditel allows our investors and guests to benefit from the token model that is trade-able on exchanges. Our system is designed to deliver both short and long term gains. After launch, guests can use Ethereum and Bitcoin to purchase TEL.


The Next Generation Hotel

Nothing more than a miracle

Meditel will give the community a great place to stay and opportunities to book an appointment with the leading plastic surgeons in South Korea.

Where Medicine Meets Hotel

Meditel Coin

The most innovative and prestigious chain of medical hotels. With Meditel Coin, you can trade on exchanges as well as pay for services and amenities.



Book a first-class luxury room with essential amenities and services



Enjoy indoor & outdoor swimming area, including spa, shopping and other entertainment

Restaurants & Lounge


Discover a world of tantalizing indulgence, variety and sophistication at Meditel’s dining and lounge venues



Book appointments with leading plastic surgeons and pay for surgeries quickly and efficiently using Meditel Coin



ICO Launch Date: November 11, 2022

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC

The Next Generation Medical Hotel Coin

Meditel Funds Distribution

78.80% Initial Meditel Development
6% Meditel Marketing and Fundraising Budget
5% Entry to Crypto Exchange
3% Legal and Accounting
3% Meditel Management Board
2% Meditel IT Solutions
2% Reserve Fund
0.2% Insurance


Tokens for Sale


ICO Duration


Hard Cap

2022/11/15 00:00:00


Smart Contract

Smart Contract

Total Service

One Stop for Total Entertainment & Medical Care

Entertainment & Medical Care

Hotel Booking

Book rooms, order in-room dining and services all with Meditel coin

Total Entertainment

Experience distinguished and sensible interior design, and a fantastic view of the streets of Seoul.  Many restaurants and lounges along with entertainments will be available.

Medical Surgery

Get in touch with top-tier plastic surgeons in Seoul and book a hotel and surgery package with us at Meditel.

Who we Trust

Our Partners

Our Partners


Our Guests will meet innovation in almost every stage of the hotel.

Meditel Hotels will be hospitality reimagined and redesigned; The most innovative and fun hotel chain in the world. Fast to set up using new modular technologies. Truly innovative and environmentally friendly, energy-independent smart facilities supporting blockchain networks worldwide, providing a one-of-a-kind hotel experience.

Medical Care

We have extensive networking with first class physicians in South Korea for your plastic surgery needs.

Because we truly believe that recovery starts immediately after surgery, we have established an efficient and comforting route from the hospital to the hotel. Our staff will be waiting for your arrival to provide excellent care.


Our hotels are FUN, in a way that no other hotels are.

The spirit of Meditel is one of positivity and fun. The guest experience is designed to be entertaining and relaxing at the same time. Additionally, shopping areas and personal shopping service will be a major draw for guests to stay in our hotels.


Our Team

Meet our team

Meditel Management

Best in Team

We collaborate with forward-thinking members to refine visions and expand meaningful innovation.

First Meditel Hotel in Korea

Next Generation Medical Hotel

Next Generation

This will be the first Meditel hotel in Korea. At Meditel, you could get medical surgeries, enjoy many entertainment, go shopping, and get personal shopping service all in one stop. You don't have to go anywhere else, we'll provide all the service to you. You can do all this with the Meditel Coin.

Special Beverage

Specialty beverages, including coffee, tea, and alcohol will be served at several different cafes, restaurants, and lounges at Meditel.

24/7 Local Help

Once you arrive at Meditel, you will get 24/7 help from the best customer service and staff members.

Great Views

Meditel will be located in the heart of Seoul and close to shopping districts for your entertainment.  Guests will be able to see great views of the city street and river.

High-Speed Internet

Meditel will incorporate 5G Wi-Fi access to all areas in the hotel, including outdoor swimming area.


Location Coming Soon

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